The first 10 years of Le Dictateur: a big “birthday”.

Le Dictateur N.5 FAQ is a small art publication that, after its birth with Le Dictateur, became a separated annual volume.

It is conceived as a portable exhibition on paper, an hybrid object. The first issue includes works by: Thomas Bayrle, Neil Beloufa, Caroll Dunham, Andra Ursuta, Jon Rafman, Kathy Grannan, Llyn Foulkes, Camille Henrot, Steven Shaerer, Korakrit Arunanondchai e Judith Bernstein. FAQ aims to create a visual ideal community, an immaginary “gang”.

Probably condemned to fail because its lack of rules, hierarchy and order - and, after all, lack also of a real concept - Le Dictateur N. 5 FAQ declares as much as possibile a personal and subjective connotation and the obsessive manierism of its authors.

h+ with BASE Milano collaborated in the production of the event, during which this special issue - curated by Maurizio Cattelan and Myriam Ben Salah - was presented as preview, displayed on ad hoc-created tables by Leftover.

Music perfomance by Chris Imler, Lady Maru e Cascao e Miss Q Lee.


h+ was responsibile for:
Production - Organizational secretary - Communication coordination - set up.