Brand book, graphics 

The brand book of a company is a fundamental element that has to be accessible to the client as well as the final user, along with being informative about each and every characteristic of the brand. ENI had already produced a traditional brand book but felt the necessity of a more flexible, modern, and accessible support available to all employees.
After a thorough research phase, h+ identified a multimedia product that could be most adapted for this purpose. The choice to develop a website stemmed from ENI's vision and the ability of h+ to create a product with avant-garde characteristics, which is visually appealing and maintains the reading experience to that of a hard copy.
For the creation of the new brand book, the most advanced programming languages were used, to give the user the possibility to choose between a literature experience, typical of a narration, or a quick voice consultation, typical of a manual.

h+ was responsible for
Research and strategy development – Creation and realization of the multimedia project